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Out of all residents in Clark County, Indiana, over 7,000 are under the age of four years old and by state law, are required to be properly restrained in a child safety seat when riding in a vehicle (5,3). In fact, any child under the age of eight must be restrained appropriately in a child safety seat or a booster (3). Although many caregivers are aware of the safety restraint laws, many are likely unaware the law also requires the child to be properly fastened and restrained according to the child restraint system manufacturer’s instructions (2).

Even though these laws have been in place for quite some time, injuries and violence continue to be the number one leading causes of death in the United States (6). In 2021, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration reported 863 children killed in traffic crashes and 308 of those children were unrestrained (4). In general, caregivers want to protect the children they care for to the best of their ability. But considering some of the newest car seats on the market have user manuals over eighty pages long, ensuring a child is safely secured can seem like a daunting task (1).

The Clark County Health Department currently has four Child Passenger Safety Technicians (or CPST’s) on staff and available by appointment Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Our staff are excited to help the caregivers in Clark County determine the safest and easiest way for children to travel. Every trip, every time.

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