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  • Office Hours
  • Directions to our office
  • Fee(s) for permits, forms, etc.
  • Health Department Staff
  • The Clark County Health Officer
  • Press releases
  • Food recalls
  • Employment opportunities
  • Health Board Members


Health and Well Being Mosquito Control and Surveillance
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Clark Memorial Hospital
  • Lois A. Kratz Health and Wellness Center
  • Family Health Care Center
  • InShape Indiana
  • Mosquito Homepage
  • Mosquito Borne Illnesses
  • Mosquito Control
  • Mosquito Surveillance Program
  • Mosquito Prevention on Your Farm
  • Mosquito Collection Sites Map


Prenatal Program HIV/STD Programs
  • Office Hours and Location
  • Eligibility for Program
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • HIV/STD Control Program
Vital Statistics Public Health Nurse
  • Vital Statistics Homepage
  • Genealogy Searches
  • Birth Records
  • Death Records
  • General Information, Location and Hours
  • Childhood Immunizations
  • Adult Tetanus Immunizations
  • Tuberculosis Testing (TB)
Environmental Health Public Health Coordinator
  • Rural Development Grants and Loans
  • Sanitary Code of Clark County
  • Open Burning
  • Hazardous Materials Spills
  • Mold and Air Quality Information
  • Radon Testing and Information
  • Lead Hazard Information and Lead Poisoning Prevention
  • Preparing For Natural and Man Made Disasters
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Emergency Supply Kit
  • Family Disaster Planning
  • Specific Disaster Preparation
  • Water Supply Emergencies
Septic System Swimming Pool Regulation and Information
  • Septic Homepage
  • Commercial Septic System Installation
  • Existing Septic System Inspection
  • Home Loan Inspections of Septic Systems
  • Septic Engineers
  • Septic Forms and Permits
  • Septic System Installer Exam
  • Soil Scientist and Soil Testing
  • Septic System Permit Applications
  • Septic System Plan Review for Subdivisions
  • Pool Safety Homepage
  • Pool Accidents and Injuries
  • Pool Chemistry
  • Pool Chlorination
  • Pool De-Chlorination
  • Pool Fecal Accidents
  • Pool Regulations, Inspections and Public Water Facilities
  • Pool Shocking Instructions
  • Pool 9600 Rule
Food Service Industry Wells and Well Water
  • Food Service Homepage
  • Food Handler Certification
  • Food Service Permits
  • Protocol for Opening a New Food Establishment
  • Restaurant Disaster Planning
  • Temporary Food Service Establishments
  • Food Recalls
  • Water Supply Emergencies
  • Outdoor Grilling
  • Processing Deer Meat
  • Wells and Well water Homepage
  • Recommended Standards for Private Water Wells
  • Abandonment of Wells

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