Existing Septic System Inspection

In some instances, a homeowner may wish to replace a modular home with a newer home, add onto an existing structure,  or a catastrophic event has damaged the existing home beyond repair requiring replacement.  If you have an existing septic system that services the property, you may not need to replace or invest in a new system.  A homeowner wishing to replace a structure will need to complete an Existing Septic System Verification form and submit it to this office.  The septic tank ports or risers must be exposed and lids removable prior to inspection, please utilize the diagram in the packet for help in determining location of these items.  Failure to uncover and have lids easily removable will delay the inspection process.

Once this office is notified that the lids and tanks are accessible an inspection will be completed by an environmentalist and an approval or denial letter will be issued based on the findings of that inspection.  If an approval is granted an additional inspection will be completed approximately 90 days after occupancy to determine if system is still functional. 

In the event that the septic system is found non-functional either initially or after the 90 day check, a Septic System Application must be completed and a repair/replacement will be required.  Please contact an environmentalist at (812) 282-7521 if the system is determined to be non-functional for assistance and possible solutions.



Building Permits

All necessary county building or structural permits are issued through the Clark County Plan Commission, to contact this department call (812) 285-6287 or click here for their website.





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