Septic System Permit Applications

There are several reasons for contacting the Clark County Health Department for assistance with your septic system or for questions regarding the permitting process. If you are in the process of building a new residential home on  your property or the current residential septic system is not functioning correctly and cannot be repaired; the information below will help guide you through the processes.   If you have additional questions please speak with an environmentalist at (812) 282-7521.

If you are not installing a new or replacing an old residential septic system, the links below may assist you in meeting your needs.

Home Loan Inspection                                                                                                      Existing Septic System Verification                                                                       Commercial Septic Systems



Residential On-Site Waste Water Disposal System Permit Application

If you are building a home on a site that does not have an existing, functional septic system or are repairing/replacing an existing septic system you must apply for a permit.  Please follow the instructions included within this application packet.  If you should have any questions anywhere in the process regarding the septic system process please contact an environmentalist at (812) 282-7521.  For questions regarding building permits in Clark County please contact the plan commission at (812) 285-6287.

If you are building a home on property that has an existing septic system, the home may be able to utilize the existing system after an inspection.  To learn more about this cost saving opportunity please visit Existing Septic System Verification.


More Information

The Indiana State Department of Health website has more information regarding residential wastewater septic systems. Information includes lists of acceptable pipes used, approved septic tanks, registered soil scientists in Indiana, sewage diseases and more.


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