Public Water Facilities

The Clark County Health Department regulates public and semi-public water facilities in Clark County, Indiana.  Public and semi-public  water facilities include swimming pools, spa pools, hot tubs, wading pools at apartments, condominiums, townhouses, hotels, motels, schools, community centers, health clubs, mobile home parks, campgrounds, resorts, etc... The goal of this program is to help industry provide facilities that are free of safety hazards and risk of  disease.

The Clark County Health Department requires an operating permit for all public and semi-public water facilities in Clark County, Indiana.  For more information on applying for a permit or renewing a permit visit  Pool Inspections.  An opening inspection of the facility will be required.


Water Chemistry For Public Water Facilities

Maintaining the pool water chemistry is a key factor in the overall safety of your public pool.  For general informaion on water chemistry for pools visit our Pool Chemistry page.

Building Code Regulations for Swimming Pool Remodel or New Construction

A pool being remodeled or a new construction may be subject to review by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.  Please contact both IDHS and the environmentalist at the health department when submitting plans.



Public Water Health & Safety

The Clark County Health Department is dedicated to reducing recreational water illnesses (RWI's).  RWI's are illnesses that are spread by swallowing, breathing, or contact with contaminated water from public water facilities, as well as lakes, streams and rivers. RWI's can cause a wide variety of symptoms, including infections in the eye, skin, ear, respiratory tract, and in wounds. The most commonly reported recreational water illness is diarrhea. Diarrhea illnesses can be caused by germs such as e. coli, cryptosporidium, giardia and shigella.  More information on recreational water illnesses can be found on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) safe swimming website.

Guidelines for handling a swimming pool fecal accident are available on the CCHD pool accident and injury page.


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