Public Health Coordinator

Ken Griffin
Disaster Preparedness
(812) 282-7521

The office of the Public Health Coordinator has the objective of coordinating and collaborating with local emergency response personnel in order to develop a county disaster preparedness and emergency response plan for Clark County, Indiana.  This includes events that are both natural and man made.



Call for Volunteers! 

The Clark County Health Department needs the community's support in protecting our citizens' health.  If you would like information or to become a member of the Clark County Medical Reserve Corps please click here.   


How to prepare for Public Health Emergencies

Start by doing your part to prepare.  Take a look at these guidelines on the Clark County Health Department's Public Health Coordinator's web pages, and by visiting the links below.

For information on preparing for public health emergencies, look at the Indiana State Department of Health website's public health preparedness facts, including links to videos, instructions on dealing with suspicious packages, public directories, preparing an emergency kit and more.

More Information and Related Weblinks

The Department of Homeland Security
The Indiana Department of Homeland Security
The Centers for Disease Control Emergency Preparedness
The federal emergency Management Agency
The American Red Cross
The Environmental Protection Agency





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