Open Burning

OPEN BURNING IN INCORPORATED AREAS OR JURISDICTIONS OF CLARK COUNTY IS NOT PERMITTED FOR ANY REASON. This is true for Clark, Lake, Porter and Floyd counties. You may submit an application seeking approval from IDEM to engage in open burning if there is a need to burn waste.    Information for open burn variances are available from the IDEM Office of Air Quality. 

General Open Burning Guidelines:

Open burning is generally not allowed in Clark County, especially if the materials to be burned include solid waste.  If you have questions whether the materials you wish to burn or if the location you wish to burn is permissible, please visit  the Indiana Department of Environmental Management Open Burning Page for current regulations.  If you are permitted to open burn please follow IDEM's guidance, inform the Clark County Health Department at (812) 282-7521 prior to the burn event, and most importantly be safe! 

For a general guidance for open burning in the State of Indiana, download a Open Burning Pamphlet from IDEM.



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