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The birth and death records in Clark County, Indiana start in the year 1882.  It is necessary for you to supply us with a date of birth or death in order for us to search our records.  If we are able to locate the record, using the information you provide, we will send you the information contained in the record.  The non-refundable fee for the search is $5.00 for up to five (5) names.  If you need certified copies of a death record, the additional charge is $11.00 per copy.  If you need certified copies of a birth record, the fee will be an additional $10.00 per copy.  Fees are payable to Clark County Health Department via personal check or money order.

If you would like to have a record search completed please complete the genealogy application and follow address and fee schedule below.



Our Address

Please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:
Clark County Health Dept.
Genealogy Search
1320 Duncan Avenue
Jeffersonville, Indiana  47130

Please include the fee(s) for the search, made payable to the Clark County Health Department either with a personal check or money order.



More Information

The Jeffersonville Library has birth records on microfilm from 1882 through 1922, and death records from 1882 through 1971.  They can be reached at (812) 282-7765.

Marriage and divorce records can be obtained at:
Clark County Court House
Clerks Office
501 East Court Avenue
Jeffersonville, Indiana  47130                                                                                         Phone:  (812) 285-6244

The fee(s) and procedures for that office are different, please contact them for that information.

Click here for additional genealogical search sources in Southern Indiana.


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