Temporary Food Establishments

A temporary food service consists of a food establishment that will operate less than 30 days in a calendar year in a non-fixed facility, such as those found at fairs, festivals, and other short term events like customer appreciation days and grand openings.  The conditions for food preparation at these venues are less than ideal, but there are safer food practices that will help provide a safe event for both vendors and the general public.  In order to operate a temporary food service in Clark County you must complete the form below, and have applied and paid for the temporary permit PRIOR TO THE EVENT.  There will be no issuance of permits outside of regular office hours or outside of office, failure to have obtained a permit prior to the event could cause your food establishment to be closed during the festival.




An Application for Temporary Food Service Permit must be completed to operate a temporary food service in Clark County, Indiana.  Permits are valid for a maximum of two weeks as established in the Clark County Sanitary Code 10-3-1 (G), but additional permits may be applied for up to 30 days, with restrictions on length of time operated.  Consult an environmentalist to determine which option works best for your establishment.

The Food Handler Certification requirements of the State of Indiana also apply to temporary food service workers, click Food Handler Certification for requirements and possible exemptions.

A list of general guidelines is available for your assistance.  This info sheet should be posted inside your booth next to your temporary food service permit.  All items on sheet are strictly enforced.  If you have any questions or need assistance determining/understanding requirements, call the Clark County Health Department prior to event.


More Information

Visit the Indiana State Dept. of Health website for more information on general food safety.


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