Retail Food Establishment

The Clark County Health Department requires that most restaurants apply and obtain a Food Service Permit prior to operating a food service in Clark County.  There are several Federal, State, and local requirements involved in opening and operating a food service in Clark County.  This office encourages a retail food operator to contact the Clark County Health Department as early as possible to ensure the smooth development and eventual operation of your facility.  The environmental staff at the Clark County Health Department are here to help you navigate and understand the rules that govern food safety.  For a general outline of the process of permitting in Clark County click on Food Service Permit, for additional assistance please call our office at (812) 282-7521.



Restaurant Inspections

The Clark County Health Department inspects permitted facilities in Clark County based on risk assessment, complaints, and general rule compliance.  Inspections are available for public view in person at the Clark County Health Department or please fax a written request, and a copy of the requested inspections will be provided.  Letter grades are not assigned in Clark County, inspections detailing specific violations of the Indiana State Food Code and the Clark County Sanitary Code are written and corrective actions addressed.

General Safe Food Handling Information for Public

Processing Deer, How to Field Dress a Deer
Outdoor Eating Food Safety Tips from the FDA
Food Recalls
Water Supply Emergencies



More Information

Visit the Indiana State Dept. of Health website for more food related information.


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