Retail Food Service Permits

Most food services in Clark County are required to have a Food Service Permit.  If you intend to operate a food service establishment then you must apply for a permit through the Clark County Health Department. For a guide to opening a permanent (fixed site, catering, or mobile) food service establishment  click on Protocol for Opening a New Food Establishment

Temporary Food Service Permits

A temporary food service would consist of a food establishment that will operate less than 30 days in a calendar year in a non-fixed facility, such as those found at fairs, festivals, and other short term events like customer appreciation days and grand openings.  The conditions for food preparation at these venues are less than ideal, but there are safer food practices that help create a safe event for both vendors and the general public.  For an application and/or guidance for a temporary food event in Clark County please click on Temporary Food Establishments.



Establishments Exempt From Permitting

Some food service establishments are exempt from permitting and regulation.  The rules and guidance links listed below may help determine if the food service you propose is exempt from permitting and inspection.  However, some of these exemptions still require notifying the Clark County Health Department of the food establishment and may require submitting basic information for complaint and foodbourne illness investigations.  Therefore, this office highly encourages contacting our office and speaking with an environmentalist to ensure that your facility is exempt and to register with our office. 

The Health Department will be unable to perform inspections for exempt establishments even if you request an inspection, however, we can provide general advice and counseling about proper sanitary and food safety concerns you may have regarding your food product.

Senate Enrollment Act 190                                                                                                                                                      House Enrolled Act 1309


Commercial On-Site Sewage Disposal System Procedures
Food Handler Certification and Training Program Providers
Food Security Preventative Measures Guidance
General Guidelines for Temporary Food Service Establishments
Operator Response to Inspection



More Information

Visit the Indiana State Dept. of Health website for more information on food code exemptions.


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