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Birth Records

If you are seeking a certified birth certificate for yourself  or possibly someone else born in Clark County, Indiana, you may apply for the certified record at the Clark County Health Department and receive the record immediately in most cases.

A certified birth certificate will only be issued to the following:

  • Person named on the record who is over 18 years of age

  • Parent(s) of person named on the record

  • Grandparents(s) of person named on the record

  • Spouse of person named on the record (copy of marriage license may be requested)

  • Adult child of the person named on the record

  • Legal Guardian of person named on the record (Legal guardianship document needed)

  • Sibling, over 18 years of age, of person named on the record

In order to receive a general copy or certified copy of a birth certificate, you must present acceptable forms of Identification.  If you cannot obtain any of these items, please contact the registrar at (812) 282-7521.

For your convenience the form for obtaining a certified birth certificate can be completed and printed in advance and submitted at the Clark County Health Department, click on Certified Birth Certificate Form.



What if I Don't Live in the Clark County area?

If you currently live in a different state or cannot visit the health department in person you may request a certified birth certificate by doing the following:

To request a copy by regular mail please include the following:

  • A self-addressed, stamped envelope to the
              Clark County Health Dept.                                                                         
              1320 Duncan Avenue
              Jeffersonville, Indiana  47130

  • A completed Certified Birth Certificate Form

  • Copy or Copies of required Identification

  • Include the appropriate fee(s) in the form of a check or money order to the Clark County Health Department

To order online and overnight services you may utilize a third party  provider VitalCheck for your immediate birth certificate needs.  To leave the Clark County Website and utilize the VitalCheck system click logo below.

You may also order certified birth certificates from the Indiana State Department of Health, to utilize their services please click here.


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